Johnson Therapeutic, Small Textured Spoon

NOTICE: All sales final. No Refunds available on adaptive equipment and medical supplies.

Small Textured Bottom Spoon– Textured Bottom – Provides oral-sensory stimulation along with feeding to assist with the transition from smooth to textured foods. Shallow Bowl – Provides decreased bolus size. Small Textured Spoon is available in three child-friendly colors – orange, purple and teal.

Length: 6” Width of the bowl: 2cm

Certified to be Latex Free / Phthalate & Lead-Free and is made of FDA approved colors and materials

Hand wash product with dish soap & water before & after each use. Not recommended for dishwasher.

This product is made of plastic material which has passed required safety standards for its intended use as a spoon. It is NOT an oral-motor tool to be used for teething or biting.


Small Textured Spoon-3 pack


Small Textured Spoon-6 pack


Small Textured Spoon-12 pack


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